Chrome Extensions

Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences. Below is a list of my favorite Chrome extensions for the classroom.


Watch the short slide show or video below for instructions on how to install extensions into Google Chrome

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions
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Insert Learning lets you turn any website into an interactive document. You can add questions for points, open discussion topics and photo and videos as well. The page can also be pushed to students through Google Classroom as an assignment and graded as well.

This extension will give you the option to grab any color from a website and apply it to any font in Google Apps

Allows you to create screen capture videos from your device. Perfect for creating video tutorials for staff and students. The videos that you record save directly to Google Drive. They can also be instantly uploaded to YouTube.

The ultimate note-taking tool. You can save photos, files, and notes that sync across all of your Google Devices

Kami allows you to edit PDFs files for Google Classroom. You can even write, draw and mark on them when you grade them! Students can also do the same. A great tool when you want to send over a PDF instead of a Google Doc in Classroom for an assignment.

Pocket allows you to grab any website and save it in one online location, or “in your pocket”. You can then organize them to your desire.

As educators, we don’t have a lot of time. When we come across certain articles and websites, we would like to know what they are about instead of having to read through the entire thing. This extension does that work for you by automatically summarizing the article in different links.

You know how much of a pain it is to copy and paste a long web link... Bitly allows you to shorten that web link into something more manageable, and sometimes, customizable.

A webpage is very long on average. If you have ever wanted to take a screenshot of one, it would take at least 5 more shots to grab the entire website. This extension does this and places the entire webpage into one graphic file.

Yes, this is the extension with its own commercial. (Watch it, here.) It will spell and grammar check for you on the fly.

Want to give your cursor a little more pizzazz? Would you like to make your students a little more engaged in what's on the screen? If so, this extension is for you!

Have you ever tried to print a web page but it ends up being over 7 pages long because of all the ads that printed on the page? This extension lets you cut out the ads before printing and even other pieces of unnecessary text.

This one is great for grabbing screenshots instantly, as well as grabbing screenshots to make sure a student is doing the work that they should. If you turn on the webcam and have it located in a corner of the screen while a student works, this will take an auto snapshot every minute. Also, when you decide to click the finish button, it will gather all of the photos taken into a slideshot as well as creating a folder in Google Drive for storage.

This extension is for those that use a ton of tabs in Google Chrome, but need a little more organization.

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Education