Make beautiful boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun to contribute to.

Padlet is a communication tool that allows users to collaborate and share their ideas on an online digital whiteboard. Various types of media, such as documents, videos, web links, and photos can be added. Text posts can also be added for members of a padlet to see.

Easy to Use

Padlet is a collaborative productivity tool that is very easy to use for any skill level user. One quick run through the tutorial and you'll be sharing ideas in minutes.

Truly Collaborative

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can make it available to an unlimited number of users and provide roles for them as well. Users can collaborate without ever having to sign in.

Not at your desk? No problem.

On the go often? No biggie for Padlet. Padlet is available for Apple's iOS, Amazon's Kindle devices, and Android devices. You can see changes instantly across devices as well.

Variety of File Types

In addition to making standard posts, you can share a variety of content from YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft Office, Google Drive and Apps, Spotify, and up to 400 other apps.

Padlet works great for teachers and students to collaborate. Get more details and find out more by clicking the link above.

Click the link above before you dive in, check out the pros and cons of using this powerful too.

Step by Step Tutorial

Below, the embedded Google Doc will give you step-by-step instructions to create your first Padlet. Click inside the box, and you can scroll and view the document from there, or you can look to the upper right hand side of the box, click there and open the document in it's own separate window.

Getting Started with Padlet