More Tools!!

Padlet is a communication tool that allows users to collaborate and share their ideas on an online digital whiteboard. Various types of media, such as documents, videos, web links, and photos can be added. Text posts can also be added for members of a padlet to see.

LInks to other sites to help assist you with Google Apps

Official GSuite for Education website - The is best place to go find information on the entire suite of applications

Control Alt Achieve - This page is a one-stop shop for all things Google in the Classroom

Insert Learning - This site actually allows you to turn any webpage into an interactive document.

Google Classroom - This is the central hub for Google's LMS.

Google Drive - This is the central hub for ALL things with Google Apps. You can create, share and open files from here.

ScoopIt - This site gives links to several current articles dealing with Google Apps for Education.