Padlet in Education

Padlet for Schools has a few features that set it apart from the standard version of Padlet. With this particular version, you are to assign user roles and permissions, as well as having a controlled environment with extra security features to make sure your data stays safe. Padlet works well for teachers and students. It allows users to create a work space that several users can use to collaborate and share ideas and media files. Every user connected to a particular padlet has an optimal way to communicate with each other. ​This version also keeps your padlets private to your school, and they can be branded with your school logo as well. You are also able to use content filtering for bad language, in addition to having the ability to have larger file uploads. ​

​Today, every student and teacher adopts the latest tools of technology for smart learning. Technology has updated the way students learn in their homes and classroom. Now, with the updated tools of technology, students can understand complex things in an easy and quick manner.

Padlet is also a new technological tool that works like a cork board by facilitating students to post notes in a common place. It allows students to share notes with others in the form of links, images, videos and different documents. If you’re a student and hunting for the latest technology tool that will help you in your studies, then you should adopt Padlet.

For Teachers

  • Teachers are able to give consistent updates to their class
  • Gives you the ability to give instant feedback for assignments or respond to questions quickly
  • Teachers can use it as a broad assessment, by posting a question getting the students feedback instantly and anonymously
  • It can be used to kick off a discussion and break the ice in the classroom
  • By using padlet, teachers also give students different ways to view how their peers are learning

For Students

  • Padlet can function as 24/7 discussion board for students to post questions and concerns about class
  • Live Q&A Session - students can ask questions anonymously as the lesson is being taught to them
  • Can be used as a live note-taking tool that can be shared with other classmates
  • Useful for students to have an avenue to showcase their work

Sample Education Padlets

Below are links to some samples of padlets used in education, as well as links to other websites or resources that showcase ways to use Padlet.